Ideal for Animal Care For dog and cat foods and animal treats of any kind, clear plastic hexagon containers from Priority Plastics are a popular storage and display solution. Easy to store and access, we stock 5 different sizes including a cavernous 342 ounce design. These hexagons stand on their sides for angled opening, too – and, are shipped with snap-on poly lids.

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Clear, strong, durable. Dog and cat foods, pet snacks, rawhides or chew bones are shown at the very best is round plastic containers from Priority Plastics. Our selections include 10 different volume and lid/neck configurations in diameters of 4.25” to 4.5”. Some with snap-on poly lids and some with threaded lids, all are certified food safe.

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Who’s a good dog!? The things that make your pets happy never looked so good as they do in clear plastic square containers from The Priority Plastics. With volumes ranging from 14 to 169 ounces, these easy-access clear containers are not only versatile but food-safe and recyclable. Keep things fresh with snap-on poly or threaded lids – included with your container purchase. SHOW-OFF your pet snacks, rawhides or chew bones!

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A long time between refills! There will always be plenty pet food and treats on hand with clear plastic tub containers from The Priority Plastics. Popular for bulk distribution and storage, our tubs deliver ample capacities in 5 different tub sizes – from 68 to 166 ounces. Your pet snacks, rawhides or chew bones will stay fresh with snap-on poly or clear handle plastic lids – included with container purchase.

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Superior Packaging attracts Discerning Consumers

Clear Containers: The best way to show off your product

Your ability to make your products stand out in this competitive market is challenging. The right packaging plays a determining role in both the aesthetics and the functionality of a winning value proposition.

  • Our plastic packaging uniquely displays pet products and makes a competitive positioning statement among competing pet food bags.
  • With our packaging, your product will draw positive attention and help you relate to the discerning pet owner.
  • Customer attention is the first step not he road to customer loyalty.
  • Priority Plastics brings best-in-class manufacturing technology to our client relationships with sustainable products and engineering excellence. All containers have GFSI, Safe Quality Food certification.
  • With rigid clear containers, the containers your pet products are stored in can also serve the dual function as the storage receptacle. Our containers deliver added functionality and value.
  • Priority Plastics product line is durable and will protect the long term integrity of your product. How much product loss have you faced from ripped and damaged bags? With our containers and our superior designs, that cost of loss is eliminated – and, overall savings result.

With our line of packaging products, Priority Plastics is committed to upholding and maintaining quality and integrity. We are committed to helping you achieve success by offering a variety of packaging strategies and staying in sync with emerging pet food packaging trends.

Finally, we are committed to quality products and great customer service. It’ easy to order from theprioritystore and shipping is always FREE!