Flattened Globes

Popular and versatile! This unique design and asymmetrical shape stands out and garners attention wherever it is used or displayed. The teardrop appearance and angled opening make access easy whether you’re using the snap lid to store buds or without a lid to display random items. Priority Plastics stocks Flattened Globes in 4 different sizes for use in the cannabis, hemp and cbd sector.

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Hand Grips

Air tight with threaded lids! Using hand grip containers from Priority Plastics is like having an extra hand! Simpler to grasp and open, we stock 6 different sizes for use with cannabis, hemp and cbd products and accessories. Certified food-safe. Clear plastic design showcases what’s inside.

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Stays fresh with snap-on poly lids! Hexagon containers from Priority Plastics are offered for Cannabis and Hemp products in small sizes from 30 ounces – up to our mammoth 342 ounce design. We have 5 different hexagon sizes in stock for use with cbd products and accessories, too. Clear plastic lets you showcase what’s inside. Lids ALWAYS included with purchase.

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Small Squares

Air tight and secure! For smaller quantities of cannabis, hemp or cbd products, we suggest small squares from Priority Plastics. Clear plastic lets you see what’s inside – plus, contents stay fresh with white threaded lids included with purchase. Base dimensions are between 2.0”-3.5” with 4 different designs from which to choose.

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Food-safe and recyclable! With volumes ranging from 14 to 169 ounces, clear plastic square containers from Priority Plastics are ideal solutions for cannabis, hemp or cbd products. Always see what’s inside and keep things fresh with tight closing snap-on poly of white-threaded lids – included with container purchase. There are 11 square variations in all with base dimensions from 3.0” to 6.75”

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BIG Volume in limited space! If you have limited shelf space, we recommend clear plastic stackable containers from Priority Plastics. Our available designs range from 79 to 165 ounces. With 6 different styles, the stacking configurations help to address a variety of display and storage challenges. Your cannabis, hemp or cbd products with stay safe and fresh with tight closing snap-on poly lids, included with container purchase.

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Certified food safe! Get the best in volume storage with clear plastic tub containers from Priority Plastics. Your cannabis, hemp or cbd products will stay safe and fresh with tight closing snap-on poly lids or clear handle plastic lids – included with container purchase. Tubs are available in 5 styles and sizes from 68 to 166 ounces.

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Tight heads

Tested and Certified! Ideal for the shipping and storage of bulk liquids, Priority Plastics offers PriorityPour Tight Heads – a popular choice for industrial strength storage. We offer a flexible selection of these bulk storage products and accessories for small quantity purchase.

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Mini Tight Heads

Compact and Stackable! This is the durable “little brother” of one of our flagship products – these MINI tight head containers come from the product “DNA” as our PriorityPour tight heads. They are popular for oils, liquids and powders; fertilizers; use in manufacturing, distributing and storage. Plus, perfect container for emergency bulk water storage.

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Priority Plastics delivers for cannabis and hemp focused businesses.

Packaging products to meet your requirements and help you remain compliant

Priority Plastics delivers for cannabis and hemp focused businesses.
We understand the required packaging solutions needed for highly regulated industries like yours. Plus, there is the added challenge of individual regulatory standards for every US state. Be assured Priority Plastics knows the hurdles you face. We have the packaging products to meet your requirements and help you remain compliant.

Cannabis Edibles, Powders and Flowers

Priority Plastics has clear containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. All come with either snap or threaded lids designed to be airtight. Hexagons, globes, squares and stackable – they are ideal solutions for shipping, storage and even retail display.

Cannabis Store Accessories

Priority Plastics has ideal containers for “grab-and-go” or impulse purchases displays. We can help to organize high-traffic product line areas. Our larger clear containers are perfect for counter or check-out displays and will yield increased frequency exposure at point-of-sale areas.

Cannabis Mass Distributing

Storing and distributing larger quantities of product can be achieved with some of the larger clear plastic containers at Priority Plastics. Specifically our tubs and hand grip designs meet cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations. And, the raw materials used in our containers are BPA free and food safe and are GFSI, Safe Quality Food certified.
Trust Priority Plastics to be ready with the right container solution. We are committed to providing our customers with superior service, insightful solutions and competitive pricing.