Tight heads

Tough and Ready! For the shipping and storage of bulk liquids, concentrates, flavorings, oils, water as well as flours or other fine powders and spices in bulk we offer PriorityPour Tight Heads. Beverage and flavor concentrate as well as EMERGENCY BULK WATER STORAGE. We test them in-house for peak performance and they’re Certified Food Safe.

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Hand Grips

Let Priority Plastics lend you a hand! Our hand grip containers offer a built-in way to easily and securely open and carry these clear plastic jars. These items come in threaded neck designs – threaded lid included – and, are offered in 6 different sizes for a wide variety of uses. They are a cinch to grasp and hold!

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Get a BIG, clear view! Fill these crystal clear containers with nuts, candy, sweet treats or salty snack! Priority Plastics has 5 different sizes in stock from 30 ounces up to a mammoth 342 ounces. Goods stay fresh with snap-on poly lids – included with container purchase. Large necks for easy access – and, these designs offer a large and clear view of what’s inside.

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Multiple and versatile sizes! Salty snacks and sweet confections are displayed at their very best in round plastic containers from Priority Plastics. The visual appeal and clarity of these food safe containers are unmatched. In diameters of 4.25” to 4.5”, our inventory includes 10 different volume and lid/neck configurations. Food safe and lids included.

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Small Squares

Small but mighty! Crystal-clear for viewing contents, these small squares are perfect for spices, herbs, baking supplies and smaller quantities of sweets or candies. Food-safe and recyclable, we stock 4 different designs at Priority Plastics – the smallest at 6 ounces. Base dimensions are between 2.0”-3.5” and all are delivered with white threaded lids included.

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Always fresh and ready! Always have a look at what’s inside with crystal-clear square plastic containers from Priority Plastics. From 14 to 169 ounces, these are ideal for sweet and salty snacks, baking supplies or bulk spices. Recyclable and food-safe, we offer 11 different size/volume square containers. These popular designs have base dimensions between 3.0” to 6.75”. All are sold and shipped with lids included.

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Heavy Duty Storage! Perfect for bulk cereals, popcorn and salty snacks these Stackable plastic bins from Priority Plastics deliver huge storage with strong and durable performance. Available in 6 styles and varieties, we have volumes from 79 to 165 ounces. You will appreciate their “stack-ability” allowing more storage in the same shelf space. Food-safe and recyclable, things stay fresh with snap-on poly lids – included with container purchase.

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Pass the Snacks! A popular choice for pretzels, popcorn and other salty snacks and foods, clear plastic tub containers from Priority Plastics offer a ton of easy-access storage. We stock 5 different tubs from 68 to 166 ounces. All are food safe and shipped with lids – snap-on poly or clear handle plastic lids. Our tubs are strong yet light weight, durable and cost effective.

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Mini Tight Heads

Convenient and Durable! This is the “little brother” of one of our flagship products – built to dynamic standards, just like the PriorityPour tight head. Compact and stackable, they are popular for beverage and flavor concentrates – and, an ideal solution for BULK WATER STORAGE. Tough and portable, they are tested to perform and are FDA approved food safe.

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Snacks, candies, foods and concentrates

Cost conscious containers for all types of users

Clear Packaging for snacks

It’s mission critical for small companies in the snack industry have a cost-effective means to ensure products are well-protected and have engaging design and consumer appeal. Broken or damaged packaging will cost you in lost profits and can damage the integrity of your brand.

  • Popcorn, pretzels, meat snacks and jerky – Priority Plastics offers snack food packaging to meet your needs in terms of performance, shelf appeal and price.

Solutions for candy makers

When you opt for clear packing from Priority Plastics, the value of your final product becomes quite obvious.

  • Clear containers have the added value of product visibility and shelf appeal. What you see is what you get! Honest and authentic. All containers have GFSI, Safe Quality Food certification.

Our solutions are stronger than twist-ties and more durable than cellophane. Beyond transparency, our solutions provide great value. Containers from Priority Plastics will bolster confidence in your packaging products. That frees you up to concentrate on making the best candies, sweets and confections possible. That will bring smiles to your customers – and, positive impact to your bottom line.

Beverage concentrates, food syrups and flavor extracts
Several of the major soft drink bottlers could simply not run their businesses without PriorityPour tight heads. These industrial strength bulk containers are essential to the distribution and storage of beverage concentrates used to make some of America’s most popular sodas and carbonated beverages.

  • Also referred to as jerrycans, tight heads are the perfect solution for water storage needs. To transport – or, for emergency storage, PriorityPour tight heads from Priority Plastics are food safe and have SFQ (Safe Quality Foods) certification. Fresh, safe and secure.

Our lineup of clear plastic and hdpe containers matches the needs of most any small to mid-sized baker, confectioner or beverage maker across the USA. Let Priority Plastics help fulfill your needs in cost-effective and reliable containers.