Flattened Globes

Unique and popular! Flattened Globe containers appear unique and elegant while maintaining a reputation for being a sturdy, dependable and crystal clear container. Perfect for a variety of uses and versatile for hardware items, toys and tchotchkes – these popular items are offered in 4 different sizes from Priority Plastics.

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Hand Grips

Giving you a hand! Our hand grip containers offer a secure handle that’s built-in! It’s always easy to grasp, open and secure these jars. All come in threaded neck designs and are perfect for organizing hardware items, small toys or tchotchkes. Lids are ALWAYS included at Priority Plastics where we have 6 different hand grip sizes in stock.

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One of our best sellers! Clear plastic hexagon containers from Priority Plastics are a staple of merchandise displays. These jars accommodate a wide variety of storage and display needs for small toys, hardware items and miscellaneous merchandise. All 5 or our various sized hexagons are shipped with snap-on poly lids.

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Snap-lid or threaded lid styles! Here’s an idea for the packaging of hardware items, small toys and novelties, doo-dads and tchotchkes: clear plastic round containers from Priority Plastics. Fully recyclable and food safe, we offer 10 different volume and lid/neck configurations in diameters of 4.25” to 4.5”. Snap-on poly lids or white threaded lids included.

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Next Level Storage! Be the master of organization for doo-dads, tchotchkes, novelties, small toys and even hardware items – with stackable plastic bins from Priority Plastics. Available in 6 styles and varieties, we stock designs that hold from 79 to 165 ounces. 6 styles and varieties available. Customers appreciate their “stack-ability” – getting more storage in the footprint. Snap-on poly lids included.

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Some call them Cavernous! Available in 5 styles and sizes, clear plastic tub containers from Priority Plastics solve a variety of storage and display challenges for hardware and novelty items. Our tubs deliver ample capacities from 68 to 166 ounces. They can be used with or without poly or clear handle plastic lids, included with your container purchase.

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We make your good stuff better!

Ideal packaging for Hardware, Novelties and Toys

Clear plastic containers from Priority Plastics come in a variety of shapes of sizes each designed to suit your specific needs. Be assured the packaging will be durable and perform well over time. Our customers would agree that the quality of our packaging sets their products apart from other more mundane and disposable package designs.
In the hardware sector, we have clear plastic containers that are ideal for:

  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Specialty nails
  • Fasteners
  • Zip Ties
  • Bungees and tie-downs

And, any variety of pre-packaged or retail display configurations you might need.

Ideal packaging for Novelties and Toys

Priority Plastics can service a wide variety of needs in the novelty and toy marketplace. These are the types of items that rely on point-of-sale purchases or impulse buys at the register or check-out area in retail stores. These are very sought-after and competitive area of retail space. Products have just an instant to win the attention of an impulse customer.
Our customers have had success in creating branded bins for “grab and go” display at retail. Priority Plastics can help to recommend a variety of containers that will certainly set your products apart from the din of the competition.
Depending upon the size of the container “footprint”, the method of display and the size and quantity of your novelty or toy item, Priority Plastics can find the perfect solution to solve this stage and display challenge.