Tub L Series PVC 68 oz w/ Snap Lid

$154.00 / Case

  • Item # 654L-D
  • 68 oz.

Container:  48 units per case.

  • Reusable and recyclable
  • FDA approved
  • Available in clear only

Lid:  Included with container

  • Natural
  • Polyethylene plastic
  • Snap on
  • Food grade

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FREE Shipping. On orders shipped within the continental US.

Clear PVC container – Reusable and recyclable. High Clarity – High Impact.
FDA approved clear PVC material – approved for food.
Great general purpose plastic with wide mouth opening.

Lids included. Standard snap-on poly lid comes with each container.

  • This product is sold in case quantities of 48 units per case.
  • If your order exceeds the 52 case limit, please call  877-752-0770 x 306

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is an excellent choice for manufacturing strong yet light weight, durable and cost effective containers for your product.  PVC is the second most produced thermoplastic in the world largely because it is the most versatile of thermoplastics, giving packaging companies great flexibility in design and processing. Priority Plastics offers PVC containers with exceptional clarity that are food safe, FDA-compliant, and extremely resistant to heat, chemicals and light. From hardware to food products, PVC makes an ideal package.

Clear PVC containers allow consumers a sneak peek at your product prior to purchase. The ability to see the product on the store shelf helps drive sales, maintaining PVC as a viable and still popular choice for packaging designers and manufacturers.