Technical Capabilities

Meeting Extremely High-Quality Standards

We know how to meet extremely high-quality standards. Your products will be manufactured in a cGMP environment with a Quality Management System (QMS) based on an ISO 9001 certified system. We also employ:

  • IQS (Infinity QS; SPC): A state-of-the-art data collection system that provides the ability of doing capability reports along with charts such as variable control charts, run charts, x-bar/r and capability studies.
  • QPMS-IQS (Quality Performance Management System): A document control system used for tracking, revision control, approval and training. This system also allows electronic control and analysis of non-conformances, corrective actions and cost of quality.

Delivering high-quality plastic packaging solutions.

Cleanroom capabilities for all types of products.

UN Certification

We have the trained personnel and state-of-the-art equipment to perform 3H1, 1H1, and Combination Packaging (4G) UN tests to meet 49CFR Hazmat Regulations.

To further display our commitment to quality control and inspection, we installed two Micro Vu machines in our Portland and Las Vegas facilities, which allows us to perform high precision dimensional measurements.

Clean Room Manufacturing

We have the technology to manufacture cleanroom bottles in a cleanroom environment that follow the Federal 209D reference. In fact, our Portland and Mesa facilities have three class 100,000 cleanrooms on the premise. Additional areas of pride are:

  • Room Reading is a Class 100,000 ppm @ .5 micron
  • Blow Air Reading is a Class 10 ppm @ .5 micron
  • Tunnel (Conveyor Area) Reading is a Class 100 ppm @ .5 micron
  • Clamp (Shuttle Areas) Reading is a Class 1000 ppm @ .5 micron

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